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You’re very foolish to fight against Dag Heward instead of pushing for dev’t – A Plus fires Ashanti Youth groups

Social Media commentator Kwame A Plus has described the Ashanti Youth Group that spoke against Dag Heward Mills are fools without focus.


Five Ashanti Youth Groups at a Press Conference threatened to close down churches belonging to Light House Chapel International because of some vulgar words he used against their King.

Reacting to this, Kwame APlus described them as fools who do not care about the progress of the Ashanti kingdom but rather concern themselves with frivolous issues.

He said only fools will sit aloof while their roads are in bad condition but will worry their head over frivolities.

“Fools like you cannot come together to put pressure on the government to fix things. Instead of running fix kumasi campaign so that your hospitals are fixed and your roads are constructed, you sit at a press conference to talk about what a Pastor said, you are fools.”

“When they say the youth must rise, I cringe. I cringe because in this country the youth are only focused on fooling. They are fools who do not have a sense of direction. They should rather organize fix Kumasi so that the roads are made double road,” he said in a live video.


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