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Your meters may be faulty if you have not benefited from government’s electricity rebate programme – ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana has indicated that customers having challenges accessing Government’s three-month electricity relief may have faulty meters.

Public Relations Officer of the Company, William Boateng in an interview with ABC News noted that such individuals should visit their District Offices to have such issues resolved.

“We said that if you have not received your relief, visit our district offices, if you still have not done that there is nothing we can do. Because it’s a system, we’re talking about almost 4 million customers so if an individual is complaining that I’ve not seen my relief, maybe it has been transferred but he or she has not paid attention to it. If not they should come to our office, we give announcements all the time, only that the person may have not listened but on our website for the past one month, we give an education about the reliefs.

“We are dealing with 4 Million customers and so we also admit that we have have some of the meters that would have been faulty by then and so if you have a challenge, visit our district offices” he said.

Government in March, announced it will fully cover the bills of low-income consumers of electricity in the country for April, May and June 2020 while the remaining consumers who fall outside of this category will enjoy a 50 percent reduction in the cost of electricity for the same period as part of measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the citizenry.

Some Ghanaians have however been complaining of their inability to access the subsidized tariffs, two months towards the end of Government relief.

While some mention delays in access, others claim they simply are not benefiting from the rebate programme by government.

Explaining what may have caused the delays, Mr Boateng said, ” We said that the March is the benchmark so it will start from April. We have said that the April one you’ll get it in May, the May one you’ll get it in June and June you’ll get it in July and so some have started receiving their June reliefs and we are left with the last one in July so if people say they have not received is it the second one or they have not received at all?

“We made an announcement to that effect that if you have not received at all, you either have a problem with your meter or is it that you have not been visiting our offices, some people do not even remember the last time they visited our office concerning meter issues.


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