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Youngman shares details of new Mobile Money Fraud involving momo agents and it’s unbelievable

A Facebook user going by the name Paa Ro has shared a new fraud strategy involving agents of mobile money services in Accra.

This new strategy deviates from the previous tricks in which someone calls and claims he has wired an amount to the wrong line.

Kindly read his full exposé below:

On my way home this afternoon after church, I decided to withdraw some money from my Vodafone cash wallet to top up my fuel for tomorrow’s activities. I got to a Mobile Money Vendor on the Dome Kwabenya road to withdraw money, I asked her if she does Vodafone cash and she answered in the affirmative and asked me to allow cash out, I did and she gave me her agent’s TILL number, I asked her twice to confirm if the TILL number is correct because she didn’t have the poster with the TILL number on pasted anywhere at her joint. After confirming, she quickly asked of the venture’s name, I replied and in a hurry she said “that’s not my venture’s name”. I was surprised! I told her that she gave me the number and I asked her 2x if the number is correct and she said yes so why changing her position. She started raising her voice at me. I was getting angry but in order not to create any scene, I gently told her I will call Vodafone Customer care to reverse it back if that’s not her venture. I realized she quickly picked another phone and turned it off. Then I realised she is up to something. I called the Vodafone  customer care line, a gentleman responded and told me they will rectify the issue. While going to my car, one gentleman approached and said ” bro who directed you here? These people will fraud you oooo and nothing will happen…she has been doing this to other people and she will deny it and pick a fight with you”. This got me furious and I wanted to go back and let her know that she has “chopped” the wrong meat and she will meet her “meeter” today. But something told me to let go and leave the scene…my reputation was quite important to me and I wouldn’t want anyone to call my beautiful wife and report that he or she saw her husband in a “fight” in public. Hours later I called Vodafone back to check if they can still help only for me to hear that the agent claimed that I was given the money. Herrhhh my temper quickly went on a high speed. I asked the Vodafone customer care Rep to do a conference with the said agent, they called and called and there was no answer. Then I asked the Vodafone Rep that from the look of things this person is playing smart and she should detect it. She told me, I should calm down and that they will get it resolved.

This MoMo fraud is being taken to a different level.

Please watch out.



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