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You wrongly accused Chantelle Kudjawu of being adulterous, pervert – Lawyers tackle Sheila Bartels

Lawyers for Chantelle Kudjawu have taken on Member of Parliament (MP) for Ablekuma North Sheila Bartels for wrongly referencing her in a prayer for the deliverance of husbands from adulterous women.

They stressed that as a public figure, Mrs Bartels should have waited for accusations against Ms Kudjawu to be substantiated in Court before going ahead to suggest that Ms Kudjawu is indeed guilty of accusations against her.

In a demand letter addressed to Mrs Bartels, the lawyers, Clinton Consultancy, noted that the accusations against Ms Kudjawu made by Mrs Gloria Arhin in her divorce petition against Mr Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the Presidency, are false and the  reference made by Mrs  Bartels in her social media post is in bad taste.

Following the leakage of a divorce petition filed by Mrs Arhin before the High Court in which Mrs Arhin accused Chantelle Kudjawu of having an affair with her husband, Mrs Bartels posted on social media asking God to deliver husbands from every Chantel. News portals subsequently made news out of her post suggesting that the Chantel in question was Mrs Chantelle Kudjawu, the client of Clinton Consultancy.

“Your words were widely interpreted to mean and understood to mean that our client “Chantel” is perverted in character, dishonorable, without credibility, of perverted behaviour and fell short of public morality by causing Mrs. Arhin’s husband to commit adultery.

Whether coincidental or  not, your post came at a time when Mrs. Kudjawu, had been mentioned in the divorce suit filed  at the Accra High Court by the wife of the Director of Communications at the Presidency.

Do note that our client is a principled and law-abiding professional, who works as a private investigator in Canada, with three children who does not compromise on the integrity and dignity of her marriage. She also has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from a reputable University in Canada, and holds a Certificate from Harvard University.

We hope that in future that you may be more reflective of the influence your social media posts have particularly when referencing matters that gain the public’s attention. We further ask that until serious accusations shared in the public space are substantiated; vilifying, referencing or labeling other women as a particular type or category of debauched woman may be reserved for those without such a serious portfolio as yourself,” the demand letter said.

Meanwhile, Chantelle Kudjawu has sued Mrs Arhin for defamation following the accusations made against her.



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