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You Will Face My Wrath If You Dare Do This In Parliament Again- Angry Speaker Of Parliament Warns

Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, has warned and encouraged Members of Parliament to be on their best behavior or face his wrath.

He believes that parliament is a serious institution that can never be used as a playground.

The Speaker told some obstinate MPs that he would no longer allow interruptions of submissions and heckling of one another during the President’s State of the Nation Address and afterwards.

“Don’t turn Parliament into a playground. I’m not going to tolerate that at all,” he warned on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, during the debate of the State of the Nation Address.

Ghanaians were dissatisfied with how MPs in Ghana’s parliament behaved during the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) yesterday. These MPs, according to many, were behaving like obstinate SHS students who lacked discipline.

The Speaker argues that the time for Parliament to step away from mediocrity and pointless meaningless banter is now, from singing politically motivated songs to casting aspersions and tossing around horrifying jargon.



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