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You learn and become very clever if you think wisely without being too emotional.

I have met so many people that have high I.Q’s, and I would say E.Q & Common Sense are what everyone needs.

We have to think with Logic, Leave the emotional aside and Use the brain God gave us. Do not rush when there are emotions, let them flow in order to use your Logic.

The key to life isn’t a high I.Q., it’s having a high E.Q. A high intelligence quotient only has value if it is matched or superseded by your emotional quotient. Focus on keeping your emotions under control and start making choices that are rooted in logic.

Precisely, feelings don’t make us think. We all have to learn to control our emotions by using proper logic/reasoning if we are to make the proper decisions or do the proper action.

We also learn to, and become very clever if we think wisely without being too emotional.

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