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You Can’t fight LGBTQI and National Cathedral At The Same Time – Razak Opoku Jabs

President for the concerned Voter’s Movement, Mr. Razak Opoku has jumped on the necks of Ghanaians who are against the legalization of LGBTQI and the building of the National Cathedral at the same time.

According to Mr. Razak Opoku, He is shocked at how people who call for the criminalization of LGBTIs in protest to protect God’s word are the same people fighting the Government for building a Cathedral for the same God whose will they want to fulfill.

“People are vehemently against LGBTQI+ and went further to initiate a Bill to criminalize the abnormal acts, aimed at helping to protect the laws of God, nature and cultural heritage. Yet, these same people are strongly against a construction of National Cathedral for the same God who they are helping to protect His laws.

Why do you help God to protect the sanctity of His laws against LGBTQI+ and at the same time kick against the Construction of God’s Cathedral ? Are you not being a hypocrite?

However, Construction of a National Cathedral for God is equally good as passage of anti-LGBTQI+ Law. Both initiatives would help to protect and promote the sanctity of God, nature and cultural heritage.” He said.

Making the appeal during his Mid-Year Budget Review reading on July 29, 2021, Ofori-Atta said on the floor of Parliament that the objective of the fund-raiser is to get about a million Ghanaians contributing towards the construction.

The initiative, according to the Finance Minister has been dubbed “Ketoa Biaa Nsua” which translates into “no amount is too small.”

The building of the Cathedral is a subject that sharply divides opinion in Ghana but the Finance Minister said the Cathedral is expected to be commissioned on March 6, 2024.

“Work on the National Cathedral is progressing speedily and following the program of the contractor. The National Cathedral is expected to be officially commissioned on March 6, 2024. Upon completion, the National Cathedral will provide a space for formal religious activities of state and symbolize the enormous contribution of faith to nation-building,” he said in his speech.

He furthered that “this state and church partnership envisaged by the president to develop the National Cathedral is on course. An initiative; the GH¢100 a month also dubbed “Ketoa Biaa Nsua” will be launched by the trustees of the National Cathedral on August 12, 2021, to give as many Ghanaians as possible the opportunity to be part of the history of the National Cathedral,” he said.

“A special shortcode 979 has been developed for this purpose as we look forward to Mr speaker and all the members of this august house to join in the GH¢100/a month.”



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