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Woman sustains severe burns after being pushed into fire [Video]

A 22-year-old young man, Emmanuel Inkoom, has allegedly caused severe burns on both legs of his wife, Matilda Badasu, 23, over a misunderstanding between them.

According to the victim, her husband pushed her into the fire while she was cooking, an allegation the husband has denied.

“I was trying to heat banku I had prepared a few days ago and so I went inside to the room after I put it on fire. Just when I returned to check on the food, he pushed me from behind and I fell inside the fire,” she narrated

She said she didn’t notice the husband approaching till she felt a deep touch on her back only to realize she had fallen into the burning fire.

To her, the husband did that because of a misunderstanding between them and believes he did it deliberately.

“My husband is a weed smoker and I have complained so many times but he has refused to listen to me and we always fight.

“So I am sure he did that on purpose because he knew I was close to a fire and still went ahead to push me inside it,” she told Adom News.

However, Mr. Inkoom has put up a strong defense that the victim is epileptic and she fell into the fire herself, adding the incident happened in his absence and so he can’t be responsible.

“My wife is an epileptic and for that matter, that might be the cause,” he said.

The suspect has, however, been arrested by the Assin Fosu police for further investigation.

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