Why Thomas And Not Partey?

Arsenal’s new signing, Thomas Partey has explained his decision not to have his surname on the back of his jersey.

According to the deputy captain of the Black Stars, he won’t wear his surname on the back of his Arsenal shirt because people are more familiar with his first name.

Partey in his first interview with the club’s website explained: “I’ve seen that there are Parteys everywhere and even the photographer asked me why I don’t use Partey on my shirt. I said it’s because I started with Thomas and people are familiar with Thomas, so I need to go with Thomas.”

However, his surname ‘Partey’ would be behind his jersey when he features for his national team, Black Stars of Ghana.

Thomas Partey has always worn ‘Thomas’ on his kit and did so at Atletico Madrid before his recent switch to Arsenal after his  £45million release clause was met by the club before the transfer window was shut.

Arsenal fans were treated to the #NoThomasNoPartey camping on Tuesday, October 2020 when the player arrived at club officially.

The Gunners first-served fans with a teaser from the official photoshoot as Partey walked to the white background, picked up his jersey with kit number 18, and then smiled for the cameras.

Thomas Partey is in contention to start for Arsenal when they face Manchester City on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

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