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Why some Nigerians are angry at govt over Dangote

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the Federal Government’s decision to exempt businessman Dangote from border closure.

According to reports, the government gave only Dangote the order to resume exports across its land borders, despite the closure of all land borders by the government for over one year.

The move has, however, got many Nigerians talking on social media.

Read some comments below:

@tonvilleofficial wrote “This is real madness from the Nigerian failed Government. You see, everything about our Government is questionable.”

@debbyme_28 wrote “Not just well connected…as far as the connected one is from the Northern part of the country….it will fly..The government that only sees northern people as Nigerians…”

@blaqbeeuutee wrote “Welcome to the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN NIGERIA.”

@AtedoPeterside wrote “Allowing legitimate exporters & importers to move their goods across the border should be a no-brainer. Why refuse everybody else & allow only one company (Dangote)? This is why some of us argue that the Nigerian economy is rigged in favour of a handful of well-connected persons”

@Baldilocks__ wrote “Now FG has exempted Dangote from border closure, I’m waiting for yall to come tell us how his business acumen is Harvard material since cronyism is a strange concept to them…Soon yall will tell us MC Oluomo’s knowledge of the transport business is Yale material. Bush babies!”

@UNCLE_AJALA wrote “Dangote got the approval by the Federal Gov’t to export cement to West African countries through Nigeria’s land borders. In a country where we also have Lafarge & BUA cement, you gave only one man approval to export, they’re rigging our economy to favour one man & it’s dangerous.”



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