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Why Is Coronavirus Not Killing Black People But Killing Us – Americans Express Worry.

The deadly novel Coronavirus has crippled the whole world including powerful countries like the US and Italy.

The virus has, however, put fears into citizens of America after a massive rise of cases reported. Americans are afraid because of the number of casualties that are being recorded daily. They are demanding answers as to why Africans has refused to die from the effects of the Coronavirus. Many of them are surprised that whereas other continents are recording death in thousands “African countries are just losing those who were sick before they got Coronavirus.

They are are not dying from Coronavirus” , Edmond Brandon wrote.

K-Kriss, an American has suggested that Blacks are not dying because of some voodoo protecting them. Meanwhile, others have suggested that due to the climate in Africa and the temperature, Coronavirus has not been able to survive in these high-temperature conditions.

Africans living in Europe and America are being careful because of the recent discovery. The Americans think that Africans are dodging death. “why are these niggas not dying and we are dying. What are we not doing right” one Twitter users ask. When Americans use nigga to address a black, they use it as an offensive word. This shows that they are visibly angry that blacks refuse to die from the effect of Coronavirus. They think blacks or Africans are using black charms, juju, voodoo and black magic to divert Coronavirus. “How can they be surviving more than others when they don’t have medical facilities and health care.” wrote Benard Bruce.

Source: TheBBCghana.Com

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