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Why do you lie to Ghanaians? – Allotey Jacobs blasts GRIDCo MD

GRIDCo is said to have told the Minister of Energy, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, that the Bui Power Plant was a causative agent of the intermittent power supply.

The company, at a press briefing on the issue, explained that the Bui Power Plant had been shut down because of low water in the dam.

GRIDCo noted that it is due to this problem that certain parts of Ghana are currently experiencing power cuts, referred to in local parlance as ‘dumsor’.

But reacting to the GRIDCo statement in an interview on Joy FM on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, the Chief Executive of Bui Power Authority (BPA), Fred Oware says the management of GRIDCo misinformed the Minsiter.

He stated emphatically that the GRIDCo claim is misleading, stressing the current intermittent power supply has nothing to do with Bui power.

“Let me be bold enough and say that I think GRIDCo has misled the Minister [of Energy] in making such a sad statement because as we sit here, talking right now, Bui is in operation, we have three units which works at 133 [megawatts].

“The water is gone down without any doubt whatsoever but this is not an unforeseen act, we knew this and last year when we submitted our supply plan, we indicated clearly that this year, we will not be able to generate as much as we generated last year and we’ve given them month by month how much we are going to. If there is a problem, lets talk about it but they can’t put it on Bui because we knew last year that the supply plan will be what it is and so they should have looked at our supply plan and make alternative arrangements to fill in the gap but to say that there is dumsor in Ghana because…, it is quite misleading and I think you can make your own independent investigation,” Mr. Oware stated.

Discussing the issue during Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ programme, Allotey Jacobs rebuked the Managing Director of GRIDCo asking why he would lie to the Minister and Ghanaians.

To him, the electricity transmission company has been very poor when it comes to disseminating the right information to the public.

“GRIDCo hasn’t managed this situation very well . . . Why do you lie to the public as Managing Director of GRIDCo? This is no judgement. I mean it’s a fact when the other side has come to tell Ghanaians that what the GRIDCo Managing Director said is not true. The information management isn’t proper,” he stated.


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