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Western Togoland strikes again, Three police officers arrested… Full Details

Western Togoland has strike again and this time its serious as they have blocked the Accra Ho highway at Juapong, Chanting war songs and burning Tyres.

A lot of vehicles have been blocked including two police patrol Team pick ups. Western Togolan for sometime now has been yearning for freedom for sometime now, though some of them have been arrested they refuse to give up.

Their leader Papavi Hogbedetor is a retired worker and a senior civilian. According to them, the leaders of the country are not helping with the developmental issues in their region so they now want to be free and develop their own country through independence.

According to them, they are demonstrating because the leaders of the ton have refused to give them what they want so this is the surest way of getting their attention and get them what they deserve.

Thousands of traveler are stranded at the major entry of the volta Region, The members of the group have also arrested three police officers who they claim were shooting at them.

The Volta Regional Minister Dr. Archibald Lesta spoke to Joynews assuring them of restoring calmness in a couple of hours.

Source; Pinaxonline

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