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Western North Covid-19 case count rises from 4 to 50

The Western North Regional Co-ordinating Council has issued strict directives to its people as Covid-19 cases jump from four to 50 within few days.

The Regional Council, in the statement, said “as measures to combat the rapid incidence of Covid-19, the Western North Regional Security Council agreed on the following:

1. Compulsory wearing of face mask in the Western North Region by the general public.

2. Temporary suspension on all Special Market Days in the Region until further notice.

3. The police and the Ghana Private Road Transport Union are to liaise with the commercial drivers to ensure all passengers wear face mask before boarding any vehicle.

4. Temporal close down of all pubs and drinking spots within the Region until further notice.

5. Taxis drivers should not take more than three passengers (one front and two back only).

6. Tricycle (Pragia) operations should not take more than one passenger.

7. All Municipal, Metropolitan and District Assemblies are to embark on full public education/sensitisation on face mask wearing, social and physical distancing within their jurisdiction. The enforcement of these directives takes immediate effect.”


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