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“We are going to stop IMF and World Bank from giving out loans to Ghana soon” – #FixTheCountry originator, Kalyjay vows

Joshua Boye-Doe aka Kalyjay the originator of the #FixTheCountry mantra has pledged to stop international donors like the IMF and World Bank from giving out loans to Ghana.

According to him, the youth of the country are going to rise soon and through the power of hashtags, appeal to the conscience of these donors to stop giving out loans to the leaders.

This tweet comes on the back of a loan President Akufo-Addo secured for the Development Bank of Ghana in France which will be repaid after 15 years. Many Ghanaians believe the borrowing by the government has become excessive especially when they (the government) promised “Ghana Beyond Aid”.

In a tweet, Kalyjay stated emphatically that just like the #FixTheCountry mantra which through social media hashtags and agitations caught global attention, he is going to start a similar campaign to discourage donors from giving out loans, grants et al to Ghana.


“One day we will just get up and start tagging IMF and World Bank with a hashtag. They should stop giving loans to our leaders. Just one day. Make you people prepare,” he wrote.

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