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WATCHVIDEO: “Don’t Believe In The Bible So Much No One Was Present When God Was Creating Heaven and Earth” – Bishop Daniel Obinim

Ghanaian popular man of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has remarked to his followers not to believe in the bible too much.

In a video going viral on the internet sees Bishop Daniel Obinim telling his congregation that no man was there when God was creating the earth so no one can say for sure that what is written in the Bible is accurate.

He then quizzed that if indeed man was the last thing created by God, then how was it possible that man is able to write about the creation of God which was done before he got created. In Bishop Daniel Obinim’s own words, he said;

‘When God was creating the earth, no one was there…no man was there, he created man as the last thing. So if that’s the case, how was man able to say that in the beginning the earth was without shape and God spoke and things took shape?

No man was there, so how was a man able to write that when he wasn’t there? Do you want to tell that you were able to record everything God did?…so don’t trust the Bible too much. Let the Spirit of God give you more understanding before you do anything. I believe the Bible 100%, but I don’t use everything inside to work”.

Watch the video below;


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