WATCH VIDEO: Uproar as two MPs fight in church during fundraising ceremony


It was a mixture of drama and amazement at the at Gatui Catholic Church in Muranga in Kenya when two Members of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, and Maina Kamanda engaged in a fight at the church Sunday morning while a fundraising ceremony was in session, ABC News can report.

The fight ensued after Nyoro had stormed the church’s fundraising ceremony which Maina Kamanda was attending with other Members of Parliament in the Kieleweke constituency in Kenya.

Ndindi Nyoro is said to have disrupted the event, insisting that he is the only one with the right to invite leaders to events in his constituency as MP for the Kiharu constituency, a move that incurred the wrath of Kamanda.

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“I am the MP and I am the only one who can invite people to functions in this constituency. I respect Maina Kamanda as a father and an elder, but I cannot allow him to come all the way from Nairobi to rule Kiharu Constituency,” Nyoro  is reported to have said.

An argument broke out in the process after Nyoro refused to hand over the microphone to Kamanda to address the gathering leading to a disruption of the programme.

“I can’t allow people from Nairobi to come and take over my constituency as if they know this area. I am an elected leader,” Mr Nyoro is reported to have insisted.

Scuffles broke out and the county’s police chief, Josephat Kinyua had to intervene to separate them.

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Many church leaders in the country have condemned the incident, asking political leaders to keep politics off churches.

The hashtag #ShameOnTheChurches is trending in Kenya after videos of the incident went viral. As some are condemning the attack, others are making mockery of the two MPs caught in the act.

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