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WATCH VIDEO: Slayqueen entertains men on live video for a huge sum of money

As said earlier, in this life, you have to use what you have to get what you want especially if you are an African because with the Heaven, no African especially Ghanaians will make it provided it exist.

Back to the subject matter, renowned Kenyan slay queen, Sherlyne Anyango is doing anything to survive as the outbreak of coronavirus keeps tormenting her pocket.

Therefore, she has devised new ways to survive and pay bills using social platforms, especially Instagram.

And Xtian Dela has been helping Slay Queen Sherlyne Anyango and her cohorts by hosting his viral Club Covid Instagram live and yesterday, he shared screens with a lot of them who was competing for the ultimate price.

They were so many who impressed but for some reasons, netizens can’t seem to get enough of Sherlyne Anyango.

Yesterday’s Club Covid ad a total of 90,501 viewers making history for being the most attended live stream in Kenya. Xtian paid KShs. 309,500 to all the performers of Club Covid.

Just like her previous performance that saw Sherlyne Anyango balancing a glass cup on her derriere, this time around she balanced a champagne cup with wine in it and she didn’t even spill it while she was dancing.

Sherlyne Anyango who won yesterday just made a name for herself, it will be expected if her social media following blows up after fans get to follow her.

Watch the video below:



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