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WATCH VIDEO: Sinkhole collapses in Jerusalem hospital’s parking lot & swallowed many parked cars

A video shared on Instagram by CNN shows the sinkhole suddenly caving in while the parked cars continued to fall in it as the ground beneath them collapsed.

It is reported that Jerusalem police investigated the incident and said they did not find any casualties aside from the cars that got swallowed but some people fear there might be some people occupying the swallowed cars.

“A sinkhole in the parking lot outside a hospital in Jerusalem has swallowed several parked cars. No injuries were reported after police investigated the site,” CNN captioned the video that has gone viral and attracting a lot of reactions on social media.


Reports say the sinkhole fell near where tunnels are being dug on Highway 16.

The Jerusalem Affairs Ministry has been reported as saying it is investigating to ascertain the cause of the incident.

According to The Jerusalem Post, due to concerns over another collapse, the area has been declared a danger zone, and the building has been cordoned off. Additionally, traffic has been cleared out and blocked in the area around the hospital.

Watch the video below:


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