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[WATCH VIDEO] Okomfour Kwadee’s family to sue Lord Kenya for getting access to him without authorization

The family of rapper, Okomfour Kwadee, has served notice to Evangelist Lord Kenya to no longer come close to their bother who has been indisposed for a while now or face the full rigours of the law.

According to the family, the supposedly kind gesture Lord Kenya and other musicians want to offer to Kwadee is not welcomed any more and they should immediately refrain from that.

Okomfour Kwadee's familiy sue Lord Kenya for getting access to him without authorization
Okomfour Kwadee

In a video sighted by, Lord Kenya confirmed the warning that he has received from the family of Kwadee.

According to him, he can’t believe where and how the family can get money to sue him but do not seem to get money to take care of their sick brother.

This is what Lord Kenya had to say in the said video:

All of a sudden we don’t know where this is coming from? The lawyer said we should note that they have their client’s instruction to sue us in the court of law for damages for any unauthorised use or access to their clients.

This is a letter from Okomfour’s family and the same lawyer we were calling to tell him that the rapper needs to be discharged.

The mother instructed the letter to be written though his son is stable now. We were asking what plans they had for him. If you don’t have plans for him, why is it that people are helping him and all of a sudden there is pressure?

I cannot help a friend and be taken to court for that. There is so much pain and struggle. Why are you guys troubling him like this?

Why are you frustrating the guy like that? To the extent that, we all know the situation and we have all united to take our brother to rehab. Where from this? Why are you suing me in court for helping Okomfour Kwadee?

They should know that who God has blessed no man can curse. All these years, so you have money to go to court? Why are we like that?

 Okomfo Kwadee is definitely coming back.

Okomfour Kwadee's familiy sue Lord Kenya for getting access to him without authorization
Evangelist Lord Kenya

A few weeks ago, Lord Kenya visited Okomfour Kwadee in a rehabilitation centre to offer help and support to the once vibrant rapper and offered a prayer of healing for him.

The Evangelist promised to take care of his brother until he finally bounces back to life and eventually restarts his music career.

Watch Video Below:



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