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WATCH VIDEO: Ghanaian Traditionalist burns Bible- Claim it’s fake & Jesus has no power

A female Ghanaian traditionalist has burnt bibles after he declared them fake and powerless. According to the woman in a video going viral, even Jesus and God are fake and have no powers whatsoever to help anyone.

Being a traditionalist, the woman whose identity is yet to be revealed stated boldly that she believes in Maame Wata, the marine spirit.

She revealed that the marine spirit, Maame Wata is the sourced of powers since she controls water and water is the sourced of all human existence. She went to express her undying faith in Maame Wata.

The Ghanaian traditionalist added that bible, Jesus and God are alien to the belief of Africans and Africans should go back to the belief of their ancestors.


There appears to be a radical change in belief among Africans for a couple of years now. Many people have been questioning and asking genuine questions in relation to the bible and Christian God which were previously forbidden.

Well, the most important thing in all religion is tolerance and agreeing to disagree. Love and peaceful coexistence are the true exhibitions of religion and faith.

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