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WATCH VIDEO: Black Caregiver And Elderly White Woman Who Spat On Her In A Viral Video Reconcile As They Dance Together

Black caregiver and an elderly white woman who spat on her in a viral video a few days ago reconcile as they dance and chill together earlier reported on a story of an aged white woman maltreating her black house help.

In the video, a black woman was seen minding her own business as she did the house chores of the aged white woman.

Interestingly, this aged white woman walks up to the black woman while she is washing dishes at the sink and spits on her.

The black woman who probably has the most patient heart in the world didn’t mind the aged white woman and just continued with her chores.

The video has since got social media users very furious as they bashed the white woman for being a racist. Click here to watch the video

Meanwhile, in a new video, the black caregiver is seen dancing to a Ghanaian song with the elderly white woman joining in.

Both women can be seen with a glass of wine each as they dance together.

This video was reportedly recorded after the elderly woman spat on the younger woman multiple times.

Below is the video


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