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WATCH VIDEO : Angry Chinese Supreme god cause of Coronavirus– Eagle prophet

“The main cause of this thing that is going on is simple, the Chinese people have offended their gods, they have offended one of their gods and that is a Supreme God”, this is according to the Founder and General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi popularly known as Eagle Prophet about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

He added that every country has a specific god its citizens worship and hold it high esteem but that of the Chinese has been defiled and the wrath of the said god is causing the coronavirus spread and associated deaths.

“Every country has a god they submit to and very country has a god they believe in so much  and  the bow before. All these gods have their rules and regulations governing them. If you offend your god who is telling you that this and that will happen? God is willing to save the innocent ones who are dying”, he revealed in video.

According to him, numerous vaccines and trials is not the antidote  to the whole matter even though some persons may be healed, but called on the Chinese authorities to investigate how they have offended the Supreme God in question and do the needful to save the innocent ones.

“I do not believe in their gods but this is what God has revealed to me. They have to go back to that their god and perform the necessary sacrifices after which they will be a heavy downpour which will wipe away the sickness. I am telling you as a prophet of God”, he assured.

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