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WATCH VIDEO: 9-year-old burns supermarket with goods worth millions.

9-year-old burns supermarket with goods worth millions.

A viral video spotted on social media where a CCTV captured a young lady starting a fire in a supermarket in Abuja, Nigeria.

In the first video, the lady instantly walked away after causing the fire which destroyed goods worth millions.

The unfortunate incident happened on 17th July at a popular supermarket known as the Prince Ebeano Supermarket located in Lokogoma district in Abuja.

According to sources, firefighters from several fire stations had to struggle to put the inferno under control.

Well, new information we have gathered has it that the lady is a nine(9) years old who had visited the shopping mall with her mother.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, the yet to be identified girl could be seen being interrogated by some police personnel.



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