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WATCH VEDIO: A$$ Enlargement Side Effects: Slay Queen In Trouble As Her Buttock Gets Rotten After Going In For Hip Enlargement

A video making the rounds on social media shows a lady whose buttocks have gotten rotten after going in for hip enlargement.

Given the current demand for ladies with huge backside in society, ladies meet the standard with hip pads, pampers, and ass enlargement.


These so-called implants and enlargement creams at the end of the day have serious side effects. The Implications are soo bad that some of these buttocks get rotten over time.

In a video sighted by, a lady is undergoing what looks like surgery as some oily liquid ooze from her butt

The doctors attending to her were speaking Yoruba and telling the girl “pele pele”. This appears to be a local hospital in Yoruba land because international borders are all closed, if not she could have been flown to Europe or Dubai.


See Video Below;



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