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WATCH VEDIO: Holy fraud – Preacher Nana Yaw Sarfoh left Vision 1 FM after allegedly defrauding group of people over $500,000

Veteran radio presenter Rev. Nana Yaw Sarfoh of Vision 1 Fm has left the station after allegedly defrauding a group of people out of over $500,000.

Sarfoh has joined Kingdom Plus Fm in the wake of that scandal.


For years Nana Yaw Sarfoh ran Vision 1’s mid-morning show which centred on solely promoting Christianity and ‘exposing’ the occult.

Many people have been on the show through the years to talk about how they fell into ocultism until God saved them.

Nana Yaw Sarfoh often finds people of that nature to come and talk about their experiences which often ended after the powerful Jesus Christ of Nazareth saved them.

Holy fraud – Preacher Nana Yaw Sarfoh left Vision 1 FM after allegedly defrauding group of people over $500,000 - (Video).. 48

Sarfoh thus became well known for ‘saving’ people from the occult and showcasing the mighty power of God.

He has however been accused of duping a group of Ghanaians out of $500,000 after promising to get them to Dubai.

Sarfoh allegedly raised over $500,000 from a group of Ghanaians who thought he could get them to travel to the Emirates but after raising the cash their travel plans never materialised.

The accusations against him led to his depature from Vision 1.

Speaking for the first time on his new radion station Kingdom Plus, Sarfoh claims that he was duped as well by a well known friend.

He claims a lady preacher friend came to him with an opportunity to help people travel to Dubai for work.

His trust in her led to him agreeing to find people for the trip and raisie money from them.

After raising the cash, he handed it over to his lady friend.

The lady friend then disappeared with the cash which led to people accusing him of fraud.

Sarfoh says he has been trying to raise money to pay back the victims since then.

Sarfoh said he has sold off his cars, houses and other properties to be able to pay back the debt.


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