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Watch: Supporters of President Trump pray for his victory as Biden leads

Trump supporters were seen kneeling and praying outside the Clark County Election Department Office in Nevada on Thursday night.

As Joe Biden inches closer to securing 270 electoral votes following victories in Wisconsin and Michigan on Wednesday to win the election, all eyes are on Nevada, where the Democratic nominee currently holds a lead over President Donald Trump.

Biden currently holds a 49.4% lead over Trump’s 48.5% in Nevada with 16% votes still left to be counted, according to the Associated Press. A win in the “Silver State” will give the former Vice President the six remaining electoral votes he needs to secure the presidency.

With things looking dire for President Trump, a video of supporters praying outside an election office in Nevada is now being circulated on social media.

The clip shows a handful of “MAGA” supporters kneeling and praying to the Lord Almighty outside the Clark County Election Department Office in the hopes of a Trump victory as the votes continue to be tallied. A reporter on the scene was told by one of the women that they were “praying justice will be done and that righteousness prevails.”



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