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WATCH VIDEO: Five twerking videos of Sheena Dzigbordi, the most beautiful Ewe lady on social media

Ghana is blessed. Despite the fact that our leaders keep messing up, we’ve got the most beautiful ladies who are doing so well to put Ghana on the map.

As we speak, Hajia Bintu is using her soft heavy bortos to sign ambassadorial deals which is nothing but a blessing. Remember the cliché “use what you have to get what you want”.

Ah well, before we could say jack, one Ewe lady called Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe has become the talk of Ghana, and her sickling body cum bortos deserve some attention on our blog.

Menua, the body of the lady is just sick and I won’t be surprised to see her becoming a landlady at East Legon by September 2021 as it happened to actress Tracey Boakye.

The truth is, Sheena Dzigbordi has got all the things a man would be looking for in a woman. And it’s at the back of this that The BBC Ghana has put together7 photos of Sheena that will make any man fall in love with her.

Check her out from below:

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