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[WATCH VIDEO] Black Woman Slaps White Lady For Asking Her To Go Back To Her Country

A white woman was slapped across the face after she was caught on camera making racist remarks to another lady at an Arizona gas station.

The footage appeared to have been shot over the weekend inside a store in Phoenix.

The video starts with the woman walking inside the shop asking for help with a petrol pump that did not appear to be working.

Everyone who was in the store stood in awe as the white lady tried to cause chaos at the place and asking for the black woman to be sacked from the store so she can be served by the person on the counter.

The black woman who couldn’t stand to be bullied and had had enough of the ranting decided to ignore but the constant shouting and trying to shove her hands on her face leading to her landing a hot slap on the face of the white lady who walked out of the store with a surprised face.


All who were at the store were in support of the black lady as they knew she never did anything wrong to deserve that treatment from the white woman who just wanted to be racist.

Owners of the convenience store have said the White woman is no longer welcome to any of their locations nationwide.

Watch the video below:


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