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Voters’ Registration: NDC Curses Tepa MCE For Denying Members From Registering (VIDEO)

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Ahafo Ano North, Hon. Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi has incurred the wrath of members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) after she was accused of masterminding the disqualification of thousands of supporters of their party from registering in the ongoing exercise.

Supporters of the party publicly invoked curses on the MCE, whom they said, clandestinely worked with the Electoral Commission to deny several of their supporters from registering.

Reports available indicate that hundreds of supporters of the biggest opposition party were not issued their registration cards after failing to prove their eligibility during a challenging process.

After being disqualified in the process for failing to establish their eligibility as voters within the constituency, members of the opposition party reportedly resorted to curses, invoking powerful river deities to strike the MCE whom they accused of being the mastermind behind a scheme to disenfranchise members of the NDC in the Ahafo North Constituency.

According to information, some NDC members thronged the constituency, ostensibly to bulldoze their way through, as the party launches bid to recapture the seat it lost to the NPP in the 2016 general elections.

They, however, met their match in the MCE who stood her grounds, insisting that the EC Committee be allowed to do their independent work without any interference.

However, the NDC leadership in the constituency believes Hon. Martina used her position to influence the outcome of the challenging process, culminating in the disqualification of many potential registrants believed to be affiliated to the party.


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