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Voter registration day 2; Chaos hits Mensah Sabbah Hall following EC officer’s directive – WATCH

Confusion broke at the Mensah Sarbah Hall Voters’ Registration Center today when Electoral Officer at the center issued a directive that only 150 persons can be registered in a day.

NPP agent of the center, Dennis Hughes told ABC News the registration process was going on smoothly until the Electoral Officer announced that their registration equipment can only accommodate 150 registrations in a day.

The directive was met with stiff resistance and that sparked chaos at the centre.

Meanwhile, a former JCR president of the Mensah Sarbah Hall, Pius Baidoo believes the directive was intended to disenfranchise eligible voters.

“I see it as a move to disenfranchise people, objectively speaking. Because people have been here since 4 am and you can’t say that your machine can register only 150 people,” he stated.

After several agitations, the Electoral Officer withdraw the earlier directive and announced that registration will go on till 6 pm.

Meanwhile, aside from raising concerns of non-adherence to Covid-19 protocols, registrants at the center also lamented the slow pace of the process.

“I have not eaten since morning and I have been standing in the cue for over 6 hours, the cue is not moving I don’t even if I will be able to register today,” a registrant complained.


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