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Vodafone Ghana reported to mother group in UK over alleged privacy breaches

A private legal practitioner, Francis Kwarteng Arthur has filed a complaint with Vodafone Group PLC in UK, the mother company of Vodafone Ghana over alleged breaches of his privacy.

Francis Kwarteng Arthur, who is in court suing the National Communications Authority, Kelni GVG, MTN and Vodafone Ghana, notes that he has cause to suspect that his mobile network subscriber, Vodafone Ghana, may have violated his privacy by giving out his details to the government without consent.

The private legal practitioner is in Court challenging the President’s Executive Instrument 63 (EI 63) which he signed in March 2020, to help “trace all contacts of persons suspected or actually affected by a public health emergency and identify the places visited by persons suspected of or actually affected by a public health emergency.”

The EI 63 thus directed all telecommunications companies in Ghana to make available the personal information of subscribers to government through Kelni GVG, a private company that was brought in to help government maximise revenue generated from the sector.

Despite the seeming reluctance of some telcos to adhere to this request, Francis Kwarteng Arthur suggests the posture of Vodafone Ghana breeds suspicion that his details may have been given out already.

He thus wants Vodafone Group to investigate the matter and give him assurance that his details are safe with them and that it will not be given to the government under any circumstances.

“While other telecommunication network or service providers, like MTN, have vehemently contested the request as overly disproportionate or even irrelevant to the stated purpose and, thereby, a threat to subscribers’ right to privacy, your Ghana office has, at best, remained completely silent and unconcerned about the issue,” a portion of the petition read.

“We wish to notify you (and notice is hereby given) that should you, within 14 days of receiving this letter, fail to commit, unequivocally, to meeting all the above demands, we shall, without further recourse to you, proceed and resort to other lawful avenues for resolving this matter with the aim, among others, of remedying any injuries that the conduct of Vodafone may cause to our Client,” the statement by lawyers, Archbridge Solicitors, of the private legal practitioner noted.

Read the petition to Vodafone Ghana’s mother company in UK below; 




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