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Vigilante Group Rescues Police Officer From Kidnappers In Nigeria

A photo of a vigilante group allegedly rescuing a police officer from kidnappers has got netizens talking wondering why the police were kidnapped and it was a vigilante group that rescued him and not his colleagues or soldiers.

The photo of the police officer hugging one of the vigilante group members has gone viral and as expected, tweets are wondering what led to the kidnap of the police officer and why a vigilante group went to his rescue and not his colleagues or the military.

The loss circulating on social media never mentioned why the police officer was kidnapped in the first place and why it was a vigilante group that went to rescue him and from the way he was hugging the vigilante, the guy shows he’s grateful to the vigilante guy who rescued him.

Some others were only making fun of the Nigerian security system saying it can only happen in Nigeria where a vigilante group is the one rescuing a police officer who has been kidnapped and not any security member saying they can now know how the families of others who have been kidnapped by bandits feel and go through.

Screenshot below;


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