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Video Shows Man Angered Because His Girlfriend Brought 5 Extra Friends To Their Date [WATCH]

It may be strange but having a girlfriend in Africa means you have about 10 people else to take care of.

A viral video that has just surfaced online shows a man angered to the bone because his date/girlfriend brought five (5) of her friends to their date.

This is true from a new video that has just surfaced on social media.

According to the video privy to, a man who invited his girlfriend to date brought five extra more people.

Not happy about what was about to go on, he confronted his date and questioned her as to why she keeps doing the same thing by bringing her friends to their date.

The lady told him that he must take care of her bills and that of her friends. This appears to have further provoked him as he created a scene and embarrassed her by collecting money from her bag which he says is the transport fare he sent to her.

The man got peeved, grab her date’s purse while he requests for her to return the money he gave to her.



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