VIDEO: Princess Shyngle begging for more in bed


Gambian actress Princess Shyngle who is known for her extremely curvaceous body has finally showcased the man in her life on social media. In a series of videos on her Instagram stories, Princess Shyngle was seen in a cozy and love-dovey mood. In one of the videos sighted by, Princess Shyngle who is currently in the United States visiting the boyfriend was seen kissing him in a dark place. Shyngle shared another video in which she was seen with her boyfriend playing in their bedroom. With the actress lying on the bed, the boyfriend was seen packing cloth on the stomach of Shyngle saying he wanted to see how pregnancy will look on her. And the guy exclaimed after realising that Shyngle’s shape will was present. Later in the next morning Shyngle’s boyfriend was seen in his bare chested in his designer boxer shorts standing next to the actress and caressing her feet.

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The actress was heard saying: “Good morning sexy. Oh my God, why are you so perfect? Don’t got to work today please stay home with me.” “I got to go. I got to go make some moves, I got a queen,” the guy replied with Shyngle saying “I love you” while making a crying sound. From the way she sounded, it was as if she wanted more intimacy and would rather have the guy skip work for them to have more fun in bed.

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