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VIDEO+ PHOTOS: Decorator heartlessly scatters wedding reception over balance in sad

A chaotic video has surfaced online showing a dispute at what is supposed to be a wedding venue due to lack of payment by the couple.

The incident reportedly happened in Nigeria where it has been rumoured that people prefer to have extravagant weddings even when they cannot afford. In the video, some young men in suits believed to be the groom and his men, were seen fighting off a young man.

The young man, believed to be the decorator, was seen reaching out for a long stick to fight off the groom party. Information has it that he was the decorator for the wedding, and had taken that action following the couple’s failure to meet their part of the bargain as agreed. According to reports, the agreement was that the payment must be completed before the wedding day, however, the couple defied the agreement. The venue was chaotic as some invited guests were seen trying to calm down the feuding parties but with no success.

dollfacebyhamohd: “You can’t really blame them..some clients won’t bother paying up after.‍♀️.” Cute was of the view that the decorated should have waited for the event to end smoothly: cutefinest_busyfinger: “But wedding never finish now atleast wait for the money the bride will receive.”

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