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WATCH VIDEO: Meet Dr. Stella Emmanuel, The Brave US-Based Nigerian Doctor Who Just Announced The Cure For Covid-19

In a viral video which has been spotted by our outfit, a US based Nigerian Doctor known as Dr. Stella Emmanuel has made some shocking revelations with regards to treating over 350 coronavirus patients and still counting. The doctor who is a primary care physician revealed that she went to medical school in Nigeria and also disclosed that she has been able to treat over 350 coronavirus patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other ailments with hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zitromax.

She disclosed that she is used to the medication because she has treated quite a number of people with such medication. She also disclosed that out of the 350 covid-19 patients she has treated not a single person has died. She further stated that herself and her entire staff are on the same medication and they treat these Covid-19 patients wearing only surgical masks.

She threw quite a challenge to some well known doctors out there to go back to their books and get their research done before they come back to talk to her. Some nerves she got right there and that i say is the power of a black woman who believes in her craft. I don’t know if her claims are true but whatever be the case i suggest some attention is given to her with her new found treatment.

Checkout the video below for the full gist;


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