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VIDEO: March 2017, 20 kids died at Kintampo waterfall, March 2020, 20 kids die at Apam beach – Ghanaians get superstitious after Apam beach tragedy

Ghana has been hit by yet another tragedy involving children again after the Kintampo waterfall disaster.

Yesterday being a holiday, the people of Apam went to the beach to have fun but unfortunately a large number of children got drown.

According to report from the Central Regional town, 20 children are feared drowned after going to the Apam beach.

This is the 2nd national disaster tragedy involving a large pool of children after the Kintampo waterfalls disaster.

Coincidentally, that one too happened in the month of March and just like the Apam drowning incident, 20 children were confirmed dead.

Some Ghanaians have started reading superstitious meaning into both national tragedies.


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