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VIDEO: Looming Disaster in Talensi as uncovered mining pits begin caving in following rains

Mining authorities will have to move in swiftly to avert a possible further disaster at the Gbane mining community in Talensi District of the Upper East Region.

This mining area is noted for mining accidents leading to the death of underground miners. Within the first half of 2021 alone, the recorded deaths of small-scale miners stand at over 15.

The recent horrendous accident claiming 10 lives after a heavy downpour, occurred at one of the small-scale mining underground tunnels which investigations are still underway to uncover the possible cause of the incident.

Just when the shivers of this terrific accident have not sublimed, another tragic underground mine accident has occurred killing 2 miners instantly last Thursday. These victims have been identified as Wahab Mahmud aged 29 and Seidu Alhassan aged 35.

The  latest deaths from the accident is from a loose hanging rock falling on the miners underground causing severe head injury and polytrauma which their bodies have since been released to their respective families for internment.


But videos filmed at the Gbane mining site by are damning and exposes an unsafe mining environment. Pits have been abandoned and left uncovered by these small-scale miners making it a high-risk zone for a further looming disaster when heavy rains set in.

The conditions of mining as filmed, captured opened deep pits that connect underground tunnels making it a convenient path for heavy rains.

Watch video below:



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