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VIDEO: Kan Dapaah did no wrong; that is what you do when you fall in love-Shatta Wale

A lot of Ghanaians, including politicians, lawyers, artists, journalists have reacted to the leaked video of Minister of National Security, Albert Kan Dapaah, which circulated on social media over the weekend and then later on traditional media.

This time, most male politicians from the opposition NDC seem to be sympathising with Kan Dapaah over the issue, with the opinion that what happened to him could happen to any other person.

Despite most of the men in opposition sympathising with Kan Dapaah, others also opined that he was not up to his task as a Minister of National Security if his own security had been attacked.

While a section of the public pointed fingers at the lady in question for leaking the video, rumours also has it that a former security capo played a key role in the leaked video, giving credence to speculations that it was a plot executed from the NPP to relief the Minister of his post.

It has also been alleged that the a security official, in collaboration with two others including a senior minister in the current government contracted the lady to trap Kan Dapaah.

Meanwhile, also reacting to the Video, Shatta Wale stated that Kan Dapaah did no wrong by obeying the ‘commands’ by his ‘girlfriend’, who was trying to be nice to him in the video call with an agenda behind.

According to Shatta Wale, that is how men treat women when they are in love, adding that unless one has not fallen in love before, he will see everything wrong with the ‘love gone wrong’ leaked video.

Below is a video of shatta Wale:

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