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VIDEO: Joyce Blessing’s Sister Inlaw Explains Why Dave Joy Did The DNA Test & How It Ləaked

Joyce Blessing’s sister inlaw has explained why Dave Joy did the DNA test on their children.


The lady explained that his brother did the DNA test on the children out of frustration because their mother denied him access to the kids times without number.

According to the lady on a rare occasion Joyce Blessing gave Dave Joy the chance to me with the children, he went to the hospital for the DNA test only for his fears to be confirmed.

The sister inlaw of the gospel musician said the DNA test results showed the the first born isn’t his brother’s son.

Asked why her brother leaked the information to the media, she said the brother didn’t do that because the news going viral has brought shame to him too.

She explained that for about 3 months they’ve been trying to reach Joyce Blessing but she doesn’t pick their calls so out of pain Dave Joy discusses his predicaments with friends.


The sister says it’s likely one of the friends leaked the information to the media.



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