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VIDEO: Joyce Blessing’s Akumaa Threatens To Beat Naana Brown And Damage Her Mouth For Calling Dave Joy Impotent

Sister of Dave Joy has threatened to beat Naana Brown for calling his brother impotent.


This follows the actress’ commentary on the DNA test done by Joyce Blessing’s and how the results got to the media.

Speaking on the DNA test results which allegedly proved that the first son of Joyce Blessing isn’t biologically for the husband, Naana Brown called the man impotent.

This hasn’t been taken lightly by the sister of the man who has threatened to discipline Naana Brown whenever she meets her.

According to Dave Joy’s sister, the actress showed offer herself as litmus paper and see if her brother would impregnated her.


She then warned her to stay off her brother’s case else when she catch her, she will beat her and damage her loud mouth.


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