VIDEO: DJ Arafat caused his own death


Moments before His untimely demise, DJ Arafat was captured on screen exhibiting dangerous moves on the same motor bike that killed him. Since His death,REPORTGHANA.COM has been feeding our loyal subscribers all there is to know about DJ Arafat.

From this video, anyone can conclude that DJ Arafat was a bike lover. There is no doubt the moves seen in this video is a normal routine repeatedly done from time to time which unfortunately led to his death this time round.

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Death they say is inevitable but if I’m to be real in this publication, Ivorian’s very own DJ Arafat died a stupid death all other things being equal.

Like earlier said, death is inevitable but sometimes, our negligence necessitates death as in the case of DJ Arafat. Simply put, his negligence called for his own death.

This is because we’ve sighted a footage of the late DJ Arafat exhibiting some some wild motor skills on the streets on Abidjan.

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