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Video: ‘Anytime power shifts in the U.S, it shifts in Ghana as well’ ; A moral booster to my confidence – Mahama

Former President Mahama has identified what he describes as ‘similarities’ between the Ghanaian and U.S elections.

According to him, anytime a Democrat wins an election, there is the possibility that the NDC might win and anytime a Republican wins an election, the NPP is sure to win.

“There are some parallels that seem to be happening between the U.S.A and Ghana in terms of elections. It looks like anytime power shifts in the U.S, it shifts in Ghana as well. There is a certain certainty in this world that every four years there is an American election in November, there is also a Ghanaian election in December,” he stated in an interview with TV3

Mr. Mahama established that although he does not want to speculate, Joe Biden’s win plays a huge significance in his chances of winning the 2020 elections.

“What the parallels will be this time, I do not want to speculate but I hope that we will be successful here too,” he added.

Meanwhile, a group calling itself ‘The Concerned Voters Movement’ has told the former president to focus on his campaign instead of trying to draw non-existent connections between Ghana’s elections and that of the US.

The group said the dynamics of Ghana and U.S elections make it impossible for the NDC to draw inspiration from Joe Biden’s victory over Trump.

Watch the video below



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