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USA law is against polygamy, our law is against LGBTQ; Will they alllow us set up polygamy office there? – Benjamin Essuman

Benjamin Essuman of the National Democratic Congress  has spoken against the opening of LGBTQ office in Ghana.


The office which was opened by the European Union in Accra, the capital of Ghana has resurrected the aged long LGBTQ legalization debate.

Member of NDC communication team, Benjamin Essuman has termed it an attempt to promote activities of LGBTQ in Ghana.

Speaking on the Morning Starr show on Star Fm, he said the laws of Ghana is against LGBTQ so why would they set up an office here.

He then asked whether the USA and EU will allow Ghanaians to set up an office to promote polygamy in their jurisdiction.

The US law is against polygamy, our law is against LGBTQ. Can the EU and USA allow us to set up an office there to promote polygamy? – Benjamin Essuman [Member, NDC Comm. Team]


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