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US Elections: Before you celebrate Joe Biden, know these facts

President Trump now has 69,588,011 votes from the popular votes at the moment & still counting! Meanwhile Barrack Obama had the record before this election of 69,498,516 votes..

Now We’re supposed to believe Joe Biden has received 73,415,622 votes? Right! I want to see them try and verify those votes! Good luck with that!

Secondly this are popular Votes figures from George Bush era to Donald Trump which also includes Hilary Clinton who didn’t win then back in 2016.

The MOST Votes in History!!! NO Way!! Joe Biden Votes just don’t make sense!!! 73 Million Votes & still counting!!

2004 Bush = 62,028,285 2008 Obama = 69,498,516 2012 Obama = 65,446,032 2016 Trump = 62,979,636 2016 Clinton = 65,844,610.

Although the popular Votes are not been used to win the presidency in America but it’s the Electoral college which has a total of 538 votes! But the threshold to win is 270 votes! Now Joe Biden sits at 253 at the moment since 2days ago with Donald Trump at 214 votes!

The bone of contention is that some States which saw Trump ahead is being tampered with at the moment as rigging to cancel his lead had commenced which has made him frown at the process of the delay of announcing the results 2 days ago before poll workers decided to go for break only to come back with tranche of sacks of ballots which belonged to Joe Biden!!

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