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Ugandan lady and her kids in China cry of hunger after drinking only water for days following racial abuse.

Ugandan lady her two kids were seen in a video crying after living merely on water following the spate in racial abuses in China against Africans.

Due to the fear of being attacked out there, she could not go out to purchase food items to prepare and feed herself and the two kids. Moreover, there are alleged reports that, some restaurants are not even serving anyone from Africa.

To worsen everything, her landlord is giving her a two days ultimatum to vacate the apartment and join the others sleeping on the streets.

UPDATE: Ugandan mother living in #China in tears as she has been feeding her 2 children water because of Coronavirus-fuelled Xenophobia. She cannot go out to buy food and landlord gave her 2 days to vacate apartment. Africans being targetted

— The Chronicles (@ChroniclesRW) April 11, 2020

The new set of racial discrimination sparked following a Chinese misconception that, the recent coronavirus outbreaks are caused by black people living in China.

Many students, business men and women, and community leaders have been evicted from Chinese hotels, pushed into a forced quarantine with others living on the streets.

Many opinion leaders, government officials and the general citizenry have condemned this treatment and called on the Chinese government to address the problem as soon as possible.

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