Two storey building collapses in broad daylight- WATCH VIDEO


Celebrities Buzz has chance on a video trending online which has a two storey building totally collapsing to the ground level.

The dangerous event occurred in Nigeria, specifically, Anambra State.

Two storey building collapses in broad daylight

Instagram Blogger, Gossipmailnaija shared a video to that effect.

Taking a critical look at the video, it seems the building was done in a waterlogged area or maybe the constructor in charge failed to use original materials for the work.

Many stormed his comment box to express their feelings.

Below are some few comments capture;

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See as person money take go down

Person investment don collapse sooo 😢😢😢

See water everywhere, why won’t it collapse when the foundation can’t carry such load

The contractor for this project should be arrested, what a quake

That’s someone’s investment sinking OMG 😮

Watch Video Below:



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