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Two Insults John Mahama Made That Got Ghanaians Angry When He Was President

During John Mahama’s residency, the man of his words made some questionable expressions that represented his remarkable misfortune in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary decisions.

In spite of the fact that these announcements may not be the main components as different factors likewise prompted his most noteworthy destruction as he remains the first-since forever president throughout the entire existence of Ghana governmental issues to endure such enormous annihilation as a sitting president.

His rival at the time who was the then flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came in with a surprise one-touch victory in the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Mahama, when he was president of Ghana, made two statements that came out as an insult and in my view led to his defeat, these statements are listed below:

1. Mahama’s comments as interpreted was: “…there is an Akan adage which says that no matter how nice the fowl dances, it never impresses the hawk – when the fowl dances for the hawk, the hawk never finds it beautiful…don’t let this deter us because for you in Kumasi, even if we construct roads tarred with gold, you will still say we’ve done nothing.”

2. Teacher Trainees are just like those in the various colleges of education and therefore do not need to be paid any allowance of a sort.

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