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Twene Jonas incurs the wrath of Muslims by disrespecting Prophet Mohammed (VIDEO)

Twene Jonas has incurred the wrath of Muslims in Ghana by disrespecting Prophet Mohammed.

The firebrand USA based Ghanaian vlogger has taken his insults to the leader of the Muslim faith.

In one of his usual attacks on leaders in Ghana, he aimed an attack on Prophet Mohammed whiles responding to one of his followers who happens to be a Muslim.

Take your nonsense away, what has your Mohammed done for anyone in Ghana” – Twene Jonas said


This comment hasn’t been taken lightly by some Muslims in Ghana.

Below is a response by a Ghanaian Muslim, Maruf Conscious Roofman

Twene Jonas TV there is one thing you don’t do as a social media commentator,that is to attack someone’s faith or belief.
If you don’t know this then you need an education on social networking dynamics and algorithms.

Social media is a double edged sword it cuts both ways and it’s a dangerous tool,don’t let the hype get into your head,don’t let the views and likes get into your head,you have no right whatsoever to insult our holy prophet Mohammed S.A.W……….we muslims in Ghana won’t tolerate such nonsense and stupidity from you,you need to control your loose talk,as someone who has fans from all walks of life there are things you just don’t do or say,those close to you should advise you.

I don’t have a problem with you having a go at our politicians because you think we deserve better as a country,I share the same view too,we deserve better as country from our leaders but don’t go but I have a problem with when you go insult or attack the holy prophet,a man’s who’s influence transcend beyond politics and beyond the America you worship,you fool ask yourself why countries like KSA,UAE etc are so blessed……You just lost a fan.





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